How does it work?

Installing Get-a-Clip on your computer

Get-a-Clip is a 32-bit Windows Application designed to run under XP, Vista, 7 and 8 versions. Get-a-Clip requires Microsoft .NET v3.0 to be installed on your computer. If your version of .NET framework is lower than 3.0, please download it from Microsoft website and follow installation instructions.

Please download self extracting setup package and execute it under any user with administrative rights on your system. You will be guided through installation process by a simple wizard asking just installation path. You will not have to restart your computer after the installation.

After the first install on your system you may see IE browser prompt asking to enable Get-a-Clip plugin. Please confirm to enable plugin. When you try to download any video for the first time browser will warn you that YouTube website is trying to launch Get-a-Clip application on your computer. Once you confirm this action, you will not see this browser prompts anymore.

Downloading Videos

Get-a-Clip officially supports the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

Right after installing Get-a-Clip whenever you browse any video on YouTube web site, you should see "Download" button right under the player frame. Clicking this button will cause the main window of Get-a-Clip application to activate. You will see the name you your wideo, actual image from this video along with detailed information and download progress displayed in the application's main window.

Get-a-Clip downloads videos and extracts audios into the separate folders. By default these folders are "My Documents" and "My Documents\My Music" You may change these folders through the Options dialog.

By default, Get-a-Clip will try to query YouTube about all available video formats and start downloading the video with the best definition. If you prefer to select format and definition of the video by yourself, please switch to the Manual Mode through the Options dialog.

Extracting Audios

By default Get-a-Clip will extract audio in MP3 format from every downloaded video. Other supported audio formats are: AAC, M4A, FLAC, WMA, OGG and WAV.

Extracting audios may take a long time if you download videos with long playback time. In some cases, for example when you are downloading full movies or show episodes, extracting audios is irrelevant and thus, can be turned off to save time.

Turning on/off audio extraction process and selecting audio file format can be done through the Options dialog.